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Hi darlings! I'm Ashley, and this is my photography/beauty blog! I'm just your average 22 year old girl who resides in Orlando, FL. My main goal is to inspire, along with getting my makeup and photography out into the world! I'm an optimist with a hint of realist. Music is extremely important to me, and I don't go a day without it. In fact, some of my current favorites will be playing here on my blog, so please enjoy! I have type 1 diabetes and celiac disease, but I don't let it stop me. I have the most amazing fiance' in the entire world, we got engaged December 8th, 2013, and I love him with all my heart! God is my light, my love, and my strength. I put all my faith in Him, I know He has great plans for me and my future. I learn something new everyday about the world and myself, life is an adventure. ♥

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Anonymous: best mac foundation for oily skin?

MAC studio fix fluid! :)

Anonymous: What type of foundation do you think would suit someone with combination/oily skin? (Like liquid, powder...) thanks so much! 😊

I would recommend Rimmel London’s Clean Finish matte foundation or Neutrogena Skin Clearing oil free foundation! Has no oil, and also helps with acne and blemishes! :)

Anonymous: I'm looking to buy an eyeshadow pallet with a lot of creams and light browns. Which one would you recommend? I'm willing to spend up to $55

Most definitely the Lorac Pro palette! :)

Anonymous: Do you know if the Stila: in the light pallet is good?

I personally have not tried it myself, but I know that Stila is a great, higher end brand. So I would say yes! I looked at pictures though, looks gorgeous! ❤️

Anonymous: What eye shadow brushes do you recommend and which ones are the basic ones every girl should have?

Well, to start off with, I would say an eyeshadow brush, a blending/dome brush (for blending), a liner brush (for precise application), and a dual ended brow brush (this one has multiple uses)! :)

Anonymous: I was really close to this guy,we were so good. But because of my stupidity i pushed him away, so far that now its hard to make him stay.What do i do?I really love him.He wants me to be more intelligent.how do i become better. How do i make him stay

If you really love this guy, then tell him. Show him. Explain that to him.

But, you want my opinion? Maybe it’s not YOU pushing HIM away. Maybe he’s just not the right person for you. And I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, as I’m just looking out for you and trying to help you. You shouldn’t have to change yourself for anybody. The right person will love you for everything you are, flaws and all. I promise you that. Just think about it! Whatever you decide though, I support you! ❤️

So, my blog hit 20k today. 🙊

It makes me slightly emotional, in a good way, because of how far it’s come. It started out as just a hobby, something to do to keep me busy. And then it grew into something I was extremely passionate about. And while I haven’t spent as much time on it lately, and am backed up on questions to answer, and pictures to upload, I have plans to really get back into it, or also possibly start a new blog on another site that’s more for “blogging”. Anyways, this is huge for me. I just never thought my blog would have this many people following and it still growing daily. I have also made some AMAZING friends! Thank you to everyone who follows me, and supports me! It truly means more to me than you can imagine! 😍💖👏

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Anonymous: My boyfriend and I were hanging out and we were talking about chewing and how much I hate it. He does it occasionally and I guess I don't mind. But we started talking about it and it got a little heated and I hit him on the arm (in a sort of joking way) and we were driving. So he went to walmart and bought a can of chew and put a dip in right in front of me. I didn't say anything to him the whole ride home, went home, got inside, and locked myself in the bathroom and cried. Why do I do?

I would sick down and have a real talk with him. No joking around, explain to him how you feel but also let him explain himself too. I hope you guys can work things out! Always here if you need a friend to listen! ❤️

Anonymous: What are some inexpensive drugstore brushes you recommend? (Not the Elf.) I want to buy some that comes in a package I guess? But no expensive. Thank you!

Drugstore? Besides elf, Soho Beauty. Or you can just buy set from eBay or Amazon! I just recently bought a set of 10 for $15 shipped, and the quality is AMAZING!

I’d rather be at Coachella
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The best portion of your life will be the small, nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you.
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Anonymous: How did you get such a close relationship to God? I want a closer one but im not sure how to get there.

I’ve always had a relationship with God, since I was a kid. My mom took is to church every Sunday morning, so God has always been in my life, but I think after I got really sick years ago, and started going through a lot of stuff, that’s when I really drew closer to Him. And having friends who are also close to Him, helps a lot as well! I’d say start by going to a church service one day! ❤️

Anonymous: is it wrong to feel like your sisters fiancé isn't right for her? I don't want to be mean, it's just not the right man to treat my loving, talented, and intelligent sister I have. it's been the only man she's dated but he's far from the man she deserves. I don't know how to feel 😭 should I ever bring this up? or not?

Well, sometimes people on the outside do see more. Depending on the situation I guess. I think you should talk to your sister and let her know how you feel. Sometimes people don’t know their value or worth and they just settle. You could potentially save your sister from making a mistake! You should talk to her! ❤️

Anonymous: My mom and I had a discussion about me saving money for the future. I'm only 22 and she says that I will want to have money when I get married. I honestly can't see it because I'm single and there's no boy after me. Sometimes it's hard to see it. It's easy spend money but now she's gonna put me on a budget. Did you ever feel that way before you met your fiance'?

About the boy thing, yes. My fiancé is the only one I’ve ever dated/been with. But before him, I always felt like nobody wanted to be with me. ESPECIALLY because my sister got so much attention. But I’ve learned a lot and now I know that things happen in their own timing. There is a guy out there for you, I not only believe it, but I know it! You’re old enough to take care of yourself, your mom shouldn’t be telling you what to do or how to spend your money. In all fairness though, she’s just doing it because she loves you. You’re beautiful, and God already has a special person selected for you, that you’re destined to meet! Don’t give up! ❤️